Terms & Conditions

  1. Subscriber has to provide necessary documents and information to establish subscriber’s identification, legal status and business capacity. Inspire Broadband shall have the right to examine the same.
  2. Inspire Broadband shall have the right to temporary disconnect, suspend or terminate the services for giving any false information by the subscriber in any document or otherwise including on the subscription form. If there is any change in the information given earlier, subscriber shall notify Inspire Broadband of such change, failure of which shall entitle Inspire Broadband to suspend or terminate the services and its sole discretion.
  3. Both parties undertake that any information received by one party marked as confidential shall be kept as confidential by the other party. Such information can be revealed if it is found that it was already in the public domain or it was already available to the receiving party without violating this agreement or if it is required by law.
  4. Inspire Broadband has the exclusive right and jurisdiction of the title and ownership of the connection and equipment (ONU & Wi-Fi Router or any other) provided by Inspire Broadband.
  5. Inspire Broadband shall provide the services to the subscriber within agreed timeline. However, in case of any delay, Inspire Broadband will notify the subscriber as soon as it is reasonably practicable.
  6. Inspire Broadband shall not be liable for disruption and discontinuation of its service due to any disturbance, congestion, severance in the other networks reasons beyond its control.
  7. Inspire Broadband may temporarily suspend the services wholly or in parts for repair, maintenance, upgrading or circumstances beyond Inspire Broadband’s control. However, Inspire Broadband will notify the subscriber as soon as it is reasonably practicable.
  8. Inspire Broadband have the right to suspend or terminate the connection without further notice in case of subscriber uses the device/ terminal/ IP on any resources provided by Inspire Broadband beyond the allocated number of connections or bandwidth capacity.
  9. The connection will be automatically disconnected from Inspire Broadband if the subscriber has exceeded the monthly data volume limit.
  10. Inspire Broadband should have exclusive right to change/ increase/ reduce the traffic charges, validity period, package plans and any other agreed terms etc. at any time subject to official notification of such changes. No notification will require if such changes take place due to any regulatory or government imposition.
  11. Inspire Broadband may keep the subscriber updated about any new information about the Inspire Broadband services, if needed. Inspire Broadband reserves the right to communicate any of its offer and services related communication and/or massage to the subscriber at any time and in any manner to keep the subscriber updated from time to time. Inspire Broadband reserves the right to use the name of the subscriber in its material for promotion or business purpose.
  12. Inspire Broadband shall endeavor to provide the best possible service to its subscribers. However, the quality, reliability and the availability of service may dependent on various factors. In case of failure to achieve desired quality, reliability and the availability of service due to any of the above factors, Inspire Broadband shall not be held liable.
  13. The subscriber undertakes not to use Inspire Broadband services to commit any unlawful act which might endanger national, social or economic interest or damage Inspire Broadband reputation to other subscriber. Under such circumstances, Inspire Broadband shall have the exclusive right to discontinue the services of the subscriber and take appropriate legal measures. Subscriber shall indemnify Inspire Broadband if it suffers any losses, damages or has to pay any penalty due to unlawful usage of the subscriber.
  14. Notwithstanding anything contained in this agreement, any other information through Inspire Broadband brochure, notification, published and/ or shall broadcasted by Inspire Broadband regarding its services, service price, billing policy, credit policy etc. shall also be binding to this agreement.
  15. Use of Inspire Broadband services is subject to its more current applicable usage policies.
  16. Subscriber shall pay agreed charges to Inspire Broadband in its prescribed bill format strictly within due date. Inspire Broadband have right to suspend or terminate the connection to the subscriber if the bill is not paid in full within due date.
  17. Subscribers shall have to pay “Shifting Charge” for shifting the connection.
  18. Subscriber shall be entitled to reconnect his/her connection by making payment of his/her outstanding in full if the connection of the subscriber has been suspended, temporarily or permanently disconnected due to payment default. If the connection has been permanently disconnected by the Inspire Broadband for such circumstances, along with the full payment of the outstanding bill, the subscriber shall also be liable to pay the reconnection fee if applicable.
  19. Inspire Broadband will retain the ownership of all optical network equipment provided to the subscriber. In case of termination or temporary stop of services, subscriber shall handover the equipment to Inspire Broadband without any delay. For any damages to the equipment, subscriber shall compensate the value of the damage equipment or else Inspire Broadband will refund the deposit money back to its subscribers that was taken as refundable deposit.
  20. Inspire Broadband has no control over the accuracy or appropriateness of any information in the internet and the subscriber is solely responsible for the internet usage.
  21. The subscriber undertakes to safeguard the equipment provided by Inspire Broadband from potential damage (i.e., misusage, negligence, fire, lightening, natural disaster, theft, sabotage, come in contact with water, drop from height). Inspire Broadband shall have the right to ask for damages from the subscriber.
  22. Inspire Broadband shall not be liable for any health hazard or problems otherwise caused by the use or abuse of the services and the equipment.
  23. Subscriber shall solely be responsible for his/her own and his/her subscriber’s illegal data or voice transfer or traffic or bulk e-mail spamming or any other illegal operation. The sending of bulk e-mail spamming is strictly forbidden and the subscriber account will be immediately terminated. Subscriber shall indemnify Inspire Broadband if it suffers any losses, damages or has to pay any penalty due to unlawful usage of the subscriber.
  24. Subscriber shall install proper electric connection, power grounding UPS, stabilizer etc. in his/her premises and on his/her accord. Subscriber shall not relocate or move any equipment provided by Inspire Broadband without the permission of Inspire Broadband.
  25. Inspire Broadband shall not install any product/ services, without authentic document from the signatory of this document and authorized representative of Inspire Broadband and also clearance from the revenue assurance department of the Inspire Broadband.
  26. Without customers written request/ consent for any upgrade / downgrade of the bandwidth or any other changes will not be executed. For increasing/ decreasing bandwidth, temporarily/ permanently disconnection needed one-month prior written notice.
  27. The subscriber shall file it complain about the services of Inspire Broadband to the subscriber customer portal provided by Inspire Broadband and/or contact the Customer Support immediately.
  28. The subscriber is not authorized to resell Inspire Broadband Internet services without written permission and will be liable for legal action to be taken if the subscriber is found in doing so.
  29. Responsibilities of Inspire Broadband are explicitly stated in this agreement as above and Inspire Broadband takes no other responsibilities beside those in this agreement.
  30. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Inspire Broadband shall not be liable for any reason or any representation, implied warranty or condition or other term, at lawful or under the terms of this agreement for any losses, whether loss/ profit, actual or consequential or otherwise and whether occasioned by the Inspire Broadband or its employees or agents or otherwise relating to the sale of the products and/or provision of services to the subscriber.

Inspire Broadband reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions at any given time and date.